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the last olympian chapters 5-8 rewritten:

"i don’t know if swimming in the river styx is a good idea," said percy. nico replied "come on percy do it for the vine"

posted: 1 year ago

I finally got to breed my pearlcatcher/spiral couple for the first time!! I don’t think I checked their possible offspring color combinations when I bought them, lmao, a lot of the possibilities are quite ugly. I thought a couple of these were pretty though :> Let’s hope I get some nice babies!

I was wondering, what are your pronouns?


Hello friends I have just Finished reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians and will most likely start Heroes of Olympus tomorrow

I bought some new dragons, SO I’m going to post them here so I don’t forget who’s supposed to m8 w who lol
The currently-Unnamed baby will make Shadow-y (as in the flight not the actual color) -colored babies with Ceana!! She needed a new m8 and I was envious of some cute dragons in the auction house whose colors matched their flight really nicely, so. I am going to try for some myself haha
Madoc is ummm I think he’s supposed to go w Ingary (he was named when I bought him, btw, so no matching dwj name for him unfortunately haha)
& Autumn and Night go together to hopefully make some decent Halloween-themed babies for October.


i was trying to take a cute selfie with my kitten but


i was trying to take a cute selfie with my kitten but

I am Upset about Nico